Some ideas to prepare for the test

Here we show you some ways of how to prepare for the language proficiency test in an easy and uncomplicated way - free of charge:


You could listen to an English radio station. But unless you can read what they say it might be hard to improve.
One good way is to listen to ATIS messages - because you can check if you understood them correctly!


Every  book or text helps.
But reading about aviation is especially helpful. You'll get in touch with correct grammar structures and you'll get in touch with aeronautical vocabulary and terms that are typically used in aviation.


Many candidates fail because of a lack of basic grammar knowledge. There are lots of free tools available on the internet.

Airplane in Flight
How can you listen to foreign accents and at the same time check what you hear?

One possibility is to use ATIS messages. There is a website which allows you to listen to live aeronautical radio communications - check out: Whilst you cannot check what you hear during usual radio communications on 'tower' or 'radar' frequencies, the ATIS allows you to check your comprehension skills by simply reading the current weather report.

We found some stations which might be of interest - click on the links and you'll be redirected to the site

Crosscheck the information

Right on top of the website of you can see the METAR information, which is basically the information included in the ATIS message. Write down what you heard and cross check with the METAR to see if your comprehension skills regarding foreign accents are increasing.

Airplane in Flight
Recommended reads

There are some recommended reads which are really interesting. Have you ever read a book about pilot training or aviation in the English language?

There are several excellent books available on the website of the US Federal Administration (FAA), free of charge. Follow this link >>