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What is a language testing body?

A language testing body (short: LTB) is an organisation approved in accordance with the European aviation legal requirements of FCL.055 and the applicable means of compliance (AMC).
An LTB is somehow similar to an ATO (approved training organisation), but the main focus lies on providing standardised exams, not training. Just like the ATO has the oversight over its flight instructors, the LTB supervises its language proficiency examiners (LPE), language proficiency linguistic experts (LPLE) and the standardised testing materials.

LTB-106 is an approved language testing body in Austria, therefore operating under the direct oversight of the Austrian civil aviation authority Austro Control GmbH.

Every one of our English language proficiency tests for pilots consists of two parts: The Interview and the Semi-Direct test.

The Semi Direct Language Test

A computer program randomly selects a number of questions from an authority approved pool of questions.

The questions concern typical aeronautical topics and give you the opportunity to show the language examiners your best language skills.

The Interview

In addition to the Semi-Direct test you are also required to talk with your language examiner.

This is a free conversation of at least 15 minutes duration and will also involve typical aeronautical topics.

Airplane in Flight

Who is involved in your language proficiency test?

The Language Proficiency Examiner

The LPE is an operational expert (such as pilot, air traffic controller, flight instructor or examiner) especially trained for the purpose of language proficiency tests.

He/she will also conduct the interview - so you'll be talking to an operational expert about aeronautical topics.

The Language Proficiency Linguistic Expert

The LPLE is the linguistic expert involved in the language proficiency testing process.  At least one LPE and one LPLE rate your performance - in cases of doubt a second or third LPLE will also listen to your language test.
LPLEs are typically English language teachers or native speakers.

The Language Testing Body

The LTB is responsible for the testing materials, the processes, oversight over the examiners and linguistic experts, making decisions about your final level, documentation of the results and all the necessary communication / coordination with the competent civil aviation authorities.


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