How to increase your proficiency

Have you ever bought a book, started reading, and somehow you stopped after 10 pages?
English language training is not easy. It takes some time and requires effort. Buying a book or a training tool is not enough. There are several things we recommend:


There is no better way to improving your language skills than one-on-one tuition. >>


The test becomes easier when you know what to expect. We offer you a lot of information on this page. Please use it!


Many candidates fail because of a lack of basic grammar knowledge. There are lots of free tools available on the internet. >>


You cannot learn a new language in just one weekend.
But you can prepare for the language test.

A language test only allows us to determine your real level of proficiency if you don't know the questions. There is no such thing as a 'question pool' available to candidates for preparation.

Unexpected turns &
unusual situations

The quality of our language is not the same when we are thrown into unexpected situations and when we are confronted with odd situations.

Please don't be surprised when you're suddenly confronted with something that you didn't expect. We do not assess the technical correctness of your answer - but how you handle the situation linguistically.

It is NOT
an aviation knowledge test

Don't be afraid to give an answer just because you're not sure whether the answer is correct in an aeronautical context.

The language test is not an aviation knowledge test. The examiners will not rate your competence as a pilot. So don't be afraid of saying something 'wrong' - as long as you say it in perfect English!

It is not an aviation knowledge test

Don't be afraid of saying something 'aeronautically' wrong

Don't stop talking

Even if you don't know the right (aviation) answer, let the examiner know that you understood the question and that you're still thinking about it.

It is not an R/T exam

Keep in mind: we do not check your radio phraseology or R/T skills. This is about plain English.

Expect the unexpected

At one point, a test question will throw you out of your comfort zone. Don't panic!

There will be Misunderstandings

The language test also aims at checking your ability to clarify and resolve misunderstandings.

Ask questions

There's a difference between just saying 'say again' and asking a question. For a higher level, you should be able to do both.

Say again

The language test allows you to use the phrase 'say again'. Take care to resolve misunderstandings.

Unlimited number of tries

Whatever happens: there is no maximum number of times that you can repeat the test.

Nothing that you can't do now

Being here for the test means that you currently don't have an LP. If you fail, you still won't have one. So don't be afraid of the test!